Our Spring Trip

MeAs Liz is in Charleston helping with the new grandbaby, I’m putting the final touches on our Spring trip which will start in April.  We’ve modified it a bit and eliminated Red Bay, AL, which was going to be a tour of the Tiffen factory.  Since we have decided on Newmar now, we will use that time elsewhere –  like Nappanee, In.  We’ve already put almost 5,000 miles on the TT since we got it in October of last year and this trip should add over 2,000 more.  Below is our tentative itinerary:

  • April 10 –  Drive from Brunswick to Auburn, AL and camp at Auburn RV Park.  I always wanted to see Auburn Univ.
  • April 11 –  Drive to Tupelo, MS and camp at Barnes Crossing.  We will do our best to avoid the Elvis impersonators.
  • April 12 – Drive to Tunica, MS and camp at Sam’s Town.  We will enjoy a few days of the casino life and try to pay for the trip 🙂
  • April 15 – Our Anniversary – 37 years. Whew We!!  Headed to Branson, MO and Turkey Creek RV Park.  Lookout Dolly!
Our TT
Our TT
  • April 18 – Head to Effingham, Il to visit my mother and celebrate her birthday.  Staying at Camp Lakewood.  While we are their we are taking a day to go to Nappanee, IN for the Newmar factory tour and to talk to them about the special order and factory delivery process.
  • April 26 – Drive to Nashville, TN for overnight at Nashville East KOA.  No special plans
  • April 27 – Drive to Sevierville, TN and stay at the River Plantation RV Park –  This is the a week long RV Dreams Rally with folks that are either planning to full time RV, or already are or are supporters of those who do.  Seminars and functions all week.  We hope to meet lots of folks this week.
  • May 3 – Start working our way back to Georgia.  Overnight plans TBD.


3 thoughts on “Our Spring Trip”

  1. Commented on your rv-dreams post. I know you have lots to do to get ready and it can be overwhelming. We have been on the road for 3 years now doing it our way. It has been so much fun going to the places we have been along with working and volunteering. One of the best parts of this life is the people we’ve met. We’ve made more friends in the last three years than we ever would have if we had stayed home. The rally is a great place to start.

    Your pictures are fantastic!

    1. Thanks for your comments. We are so anxious to get on with everything. It is really hard having made our decisions, but needing to wait till the time is right. We so look forward to all the people we will meet in addition to the new places we plan to visit. In the 6 months that we have been part timing we have met so many great people it is unbelievable.

      Thanks for your gracious comments about my photographs. I hope to take a few more.


  2. Read your post on RV-Dreams. Lots of work ahead of you but it will all be worth it. We’ve been full time now for 3 years and haven’t looked back. So much to see and so many new friends to meet.

    Your pictures are wonderful!

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