Bees and More Bees…

Fantastic Vent Cotrol
Fantastic Vent Cotrol

miglior sito per comprare viagra generico 200 mg spedizione veloce The weather here in South Texas was cool and wet the first week we arrived, but it has moderated.  In fact we have had several days where the temps have been around 80 degrees and we have needed the air conditioning in the afternoon to keep the bus comfortable.  We, however, have been experimenting with our Fantastic Vents (Brand Name) on the days that the temperature is mild.  Right now we have been using them in a manual mode by using the wall control, but they have an auto mode which can be adjusted for temperature.  They also have a rain sensor that will close them, which is nice if you are away from the coach.  When the temperature is nice out, it pays to use the vents to provide circulation instead of using the a/c.  They also are key to removing moisture from inside so that mold will not become a problem.

source url The other day was one of those times where using the fan seemed to be the best option for keeping the temperature inside at a comfortable level.  We have three fans; one mid coach, one in the center bath, and one in the rear bath.  We turned the mid coach and rear fan on low to provide circulation and then left to do a few errands.  When we returned, all seemed fine and the temperature inside was comfortable.  However, when I went to check the fans, to my surprise I found them full of bees.  Actually, they were probably Yellow Jackets.  It was unbelievable.  They were in both of the fans that we had left running.  We knew the bees were around

Yellow Jackets Before
Yellow Jackets Before

acquistare viagra generico 50 mg pagamento online a Firenze as Liz was stung twice the previous day, but what caused them to come in the vent is a mystery to me.  They also somehow got by the whirling blades as the fan was running.

enter site Now, my problem was how do I get these things out of there without getting them inside.  My thought was to turn the fans on higher and let the air suck them right out.  Well it was more difficult than I thought.  I turned it up 3/4 of the way and it did send quite a few flying at first, but there were a lot still left so I turned the fan up to high.  That seemed to work, but then I noticed that the force of the fan was smashing them against the side of the fan housing.  I turned the fan off and what a mess.  Well, at least the bees where gone. I checked on the internet and found that the screen just pops out of the housing giving you access to the fan.  The    problem is that the fan blades have a ring around them that spins close to the housing so it is difficult to clean between that ring and the housing without

Yellow Jackets After
Yellow Jackets After
Clean Fan
Clean Fan taking the entire fan out which would require a trip to the roof.  Since we didn’t want to do that, I attempted to clean out the bees.  It didn’t take long before Miss Liz bumped me out of the way and took over the cleaning.  She stood on the foot stool and used one of the natural cleaners we have to painstakingly clean out all the carnage.  She was able to get it all out without us having to remove the entire fan.  It now looks like new again.

buy cialis in us I’m still not sure what attracted them or if we will have this problem again.  We did use the fans the next day and no bees ever accumulated on the screen.  Who knows….just another story to add to our RV adventures.

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