Part II – Filling in the Gaps for that Big Trip

My Printed Travel Maps
My Printed Travel Maps Remember in the last post we chose the anchors for our trip and now we just need to fill in the holes and we will be set.   Below is a list of the major actions we take and some of the tools we use in preparing for our trips.

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cialis jelly in uk Is it about the destination or the journey?  Do I take the back roads or the interstate?  Are there any sights along the way that I really want to see?  How much time do I have?  These are all questions that you will want to ask yourself as you are deciding which way to travel.  In the case of Michigan we are going to end up with a subset of locations that we know we want to visit before we will decide on a route.  Defining this “subset” will involve research through Continue reading Part II – Filling in the Gaps for that Big Trip

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How We Plan Trips – Update

Planning That Trip
Planning That Trip During the last week, I have started planning our next big adventure which will start on August 1st.  We will be going to Illinois in April, but that trip will be for only 3 or 4 weeks and will include a visit to celebrate my mother’s 85th birthday and then a stop in Gafney, SC at Freightliner for service.  We are now to the point that trips of only a few weeks seem to be very short in nature.  In comparison, the fall trip will be 3 months long and we will travel over 5000 miles.  As I started to prepare for this trip, I thought it might be beneficial to go over the process that Liz and I use in our planning.  This was discussed to a certain degree last August and September when I published three posts, two of which were labeled Reflections, and one, Planning That Big Trip – Part 3.  Since then we have six more months of experience on the road and have traveled in two completely different RV’s.  I went back and reviewed those posts, and although much of the information remains the same, there is enough of a change that I thought it would be nice to re-visit the subject, especially since I’m starting the planning process for the fall trip.  It also keeps the blog active while we are not actually traveling.  In addition, I think planning an upcoming trip keeps me motivated Continue reading How We Plan Trips – Update

Are You Safe In Your RV? One of the things that we always think about when traveling is personal security so I thought it would be worthwhile to write about our experiences and share my thoughts about security over the last year and a half that we have been on the road.  Just for reference, right now we are spending about half of our time traveling and half here at our house in Brunswick.   Security is always an issue in everyone’s lives, even more so in this post 911 era.  Not because I think that we are going to be the target of a terrorist attack, but just because security awareness on all levels has increased.  We certainly can’t afford to hire a security agency to handle our protection, nor do we need to.  Fear shouldn’t rule our lives, and I think that a common sense approach to dealing with it makes us feel more in control of the situation, and feeling more in control of any situation put’s a person more at ease.

Presidential RV
Presidential RV

lasix buy online without prescription Even before we started rv’ing I have always tried to be aware of my surroundings, and have avoided situations that could result in a threat to our personal security or our property.  I’m referring to a reasoned threat evaluation and not the  “bad guy around every corner syndrome.”  Practices that should be common sense to most individuals.  I’m sure that my attitude towards security and my actions come from spending over 35 years in law enforcement.  However, over the years I believe I have learned to balance our need for security with our personal freedom and that Continue reading Are You Safe In Your RV?

Looking Back Six Months

Surface Pro 4
Surface Pro 4
Surface with Keyboard attached
Surface with Keyboard attached I was just sitting here thinking of something to post since we are in between trips and won’t hit the road again until mid April.  Things are too quiet around here to post much of anything about what we are doing.  I’m selling a few items which is good, but then I turn around and buy something new so I’m not sure I’m getting anywhere.  I did just order a Surface Pro 4 to replace my 5 year old laptop.  Since it’s a hybrid, I’m hoping it will be able to replace both my laptop and my Ipad Mini.  We will see.  It is certainly powerful with an Intel I7 processor, 8GB of Ram, and a 256 SSD.  It has a smaller screen, but I can interface it with my desktop monitor if I need to do any serious Photoshop work.  I haven’t done too much of that lately so I should be good to go.  The keyboard on the one at the store seemed to have a good feel.  That is important now, so I can plunk out these hair raising posts on my blog! I got an email from another couple who are about to take delivery of their Ventana, Linda and Eric, and they asked me if Liz and I had any recommendations now that we have stayed in ours for a while.  That got me to thinking that it has been six months since we took delivery.  It’s really hard Continue reading Looking Back Six Months

Another Outpost – Lajitas

Beer Drinking Goat Mayor
Beer Drinking Goat Mayor
The Beer Drinking Mayor
The Beer Drinking Mayor We enjoyed visiting Terlingua, but we stayed 17 miles south in a town named Lajitas.  The town is much smaller than Terlingua and is really composed of a golf resort with RV park, some luxury condominiums, and fabulous homes.  There is a town hall and General Store with gas pump and a beer drinking goat, Clay Henry III, who happens to be the mayor of Lajitas.  How can I not love a town that has a beer drinking goat as mayor.  He’s very popular too as he’s not a budget buster.  Clay resides, along with his wife, in a a modest abode provided by the town.  There is also an old cemetery that went into disrepair, but thanks to one of the local Continue reading Another Outpost – Lajitas