Into The Wild Blue Yonder – Evergreen Aviation Museum

Evergreen Aviation Museum
Evergreen Aviation Museum

source link It seems like most places that we travel we find some kind of jewel that was unexpected.  It was no different on our latest trip to the Portland, OR area.  We stayed in McMinnville which is about 40  miles or so from Portland and in the middle of wine country.  Well, to our surprise, it is also home to one of the most interesting aviation museums that I have seen.  It certainly doesn’t receive the notoriety of the Air and Space Museum in Washington or the Kennedy Space Center in Florida, but it is well worth your time and the entrance fee Continue reading Into The Wild Blue Yonder – Evergreen Aviation Museum canadian pharmacy cialis soft

Left the RV Behind for a Trip to Oregon!

Nephew Ben and his wife Carrie
Nephew Ben and his wife Carrie If you full time or “most of the time” RV as we are doing now, there comes a time when you probably have to leave the RV behind.  We just traveled to the Portland, Oregon area this week to attend the wedding of our nephew, Ben.  We had given thought to driving the RV out there, but decided that we weren’t ready for an extended west coast trip and it would be too expensive to just take a couple of weeks to drive to the wedding and back.  If we were full timers already, we may have taken a different approach, I’m not sure.  I will Continue reading Left the RV Behind for a Trip to Oregon!

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Hideaway for a Getaway!

The Biltmore
The Biltmore

source link We have only been RV’ing since October of 2014, but since then we have traveled around 20,000 miles in 15 states.  Some of those miles have been over the same territory, but nevertheless we seem to have different experiences each trip.  There are certain places that we have become attracted to and want to return.  Either we didn’t see everything that we wanted to or the area’s offerings are something we want to experience again.  It could even be both of these reasons.  For example, Lajitas and Terlingua, TX near Big Bend Continue reading Hideaway for a Getaway!

What a Peach – Freightliner Chassis Service

Welcome to Gaffney, SC
Welcome to Gaffney, SC We just left the Freightliner Service Center in Gaffney, SC where we had our first year service completed.  It’s strange, but Freightliner figures your service date from the time the chassis is manufactured,  not the date of sale.  We didn’t take delivery of our coach until October but it was manufactured in May so we decided to get it serviced, as we knew we would be traveling near Gaffney this month.  You can get service at any Freightliner center but many of these centers prefer servicing the commercial truck line and give priority to them over RV’s.  The Gaffney service center has six bays and only works on RV’s.

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source url Continue reading What a Peach – Freightliner Chassis Service