Amish Country

Amish Buggy
Amish Buggy

viagra generico 200 mg pagamento online a Venezia As we finish up with our service work at Newmar, I can’t help but post a little about the Amish community that have a large presence in the Northern Indiana area.  Of course we spent most of our time in Nappanee where Newmar is located, but we did visit Shipshewana, Middlebury and Goshen too.  When we were finished at Newmar we went north and stayed a couple of days in Shipshewana and used that as our base to explore the area.  The Amish/Mennonite community here is even larger here than in Nappanee.  When driving we  really needed to be aware of their buggies and  their bicycles which are the two main modes of transportation.  Fortunately, everyone seems to respect each others space and accidents seem rare.

Special hitching areas are located throughout the town
Special hitching areas are located throughout the town
Another Buggy in Shipshewana
Another Buggy in Shipshewana As you would expect Shipshewana has much to offer with small Amish shops of all types.  Their cabinetry skills are particularly noteworthy and there are many shops specializing in all types of furniture and cabinets.  There is also a large interpretive center where you can learn about the Amish/Mennonite/Hutterite culture from its beginnings.  Liz and I spent a couple hours there, taking the tour and learning about the culture.  We both thought it was well worth our time.  Below is a link to more information about the area.

can lasix break up thick mucus Food is another item that we enjoyed.  Farm to table restaurants come naturally in this area.  It is, however, that down home comfort type of food that can put the pounds on quickly if you aren’t careful.

Apple dumpling with a whole apple - DeeeeLish
Apple dumpling with a whole apple – DeeeeLish
Essenhaus Restaurant in Middlebury
Essenhaus Restaurant in Middlebury I loved the Dutch Kitchen in Nappanee which served fried mush, which is something I remember from growing up on the farm in Illinois.  Coppes Commons also in Nappanee, had great lunch items made with the freshest ingredients.  Finally, we enjoyed Rocket Science ice cream which is made in a very special way.

follow link The area is also not without it’s own micro brewery. We traveled to Goshen which is near Shipshewana to eat and drink at the Goshen Brewing Company.  It is housed in the old Northern Indiana Public Service Building and I have to say the beer was excellent as was the food.

Goshen Brewing Company
Goshen Brewing Company
Brew tanks
Brew tanks
The Good Stuff!!
The Good Stuff!! This post barely scratches the surface of things we saw and places where we enjoyed eating.  This is certainly an area of the country that is worth visiting even if you don’t have a motor home. Now back to Illinois and family matters….  

5 thoughts on “Amish Country”

  1. propecia pills directions for use Oh, I want to go! I’m hoping to see a lot of fabric stores as I love to quilt. I plan on taking my sewing machine and fabric. Thanks for this wondwrful information. I have studied the Amish and love their culture. We don’t drink so we can bypass the beer. I hope to eat some good vegetarian food in the area, at least some mush!!

    1. Judith,
      Thanks for following the blog and your nice comments. We count our blessings every day and are trying to make the most out of our opportunity.

      We love our motor home, but remember you can enjoy traveling in a “small” trailer too. Don’t let that stop you.

      Best of luck!!


  2. That beer flight seems to have put a big smile on your face! I hope things go well with your mom when you’re back in Illinois. Thanks for the post.

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