Arriving in the Badlands

Badland/White River KOA
Badland/White River KOA

acquistare viagra generico 200 mg a Napoli We finally arrived at the Badlands/White River KOA on Sunday afternoon after about a 300 mile trip from Sioux City.  I’ve decided that 300 miles is about the limit to what I really want to drive in a day unless there is some really compelling reason to go further.  In fact, I think my sweet spot is somewhere around 200 to 250.  We had a nice stay in Sioux City although the KOA we stayed at was close to the highway and had somewhat of a sterile feel to it.  The hosts and staff were friendly and accommodating and it was fine for a night or two. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

enter On the other hand, this current KOA is a great destination campground nestled in a river valley right outside of the Badlands National Park.  The sites are spacious with trees, but still some are satellite friendly.  This campground is more than just a parking lot with hookups.  It also has a lot including what I consider upscale cabins, a pool, bike rentals, a decent dog park, and plenty of tent camping.  They even have a limited menu for breakfast and dinner at their “cook shack”.  I tried the buffalo burger with cheese.  It was good, but I couldn’t tell the difference from an all beef pattie.  This is kind of a nice amenity as this is a secluded park and it is a pretty good drive to someplace to eat should you decide not to cook.

KOA Eagle
KOA Eagle

levitra sales 2004 We don’t try to stay at KOA’s as I think that they are a little pricey, but they seem to always be at locations where we are planning to stop and many times are a better choice than many of the alternatives in the area.  Here in the Badlands there isn’t much choice and our RV is sometimes too big for the national park, or it’s booked, or it has no hookups which we only like to do on occasion.  I guess I’ve been spoiled!!

source site Today we plan to explore the area for an overview of what is here.  We really don’t know what to expect.  Everyone says that the park is best viewed early in the morning or late in the evening.  Once we get the “lay of the land” we will decide how we will spend the next few days.  We have been to the only town in the area which is Interior, SD.  It has a population of 67 according to the sign as you enter town.

Entrance to Interior, SD
Entrance to Interior, SD
The Jail
The Jail

viagra drug rep movie I’m not sure why such a small town needs a jail.  Must still have some rough characters around as this is certainly country for the rugged individual.  It’s quite a distance to any emergency services or even a decent grocery store.  They do have two churches.  Folks must come from miles around to support both of them.

Local Church
Local Church We will travel to the Badlands National Park later, but now out to clean the humming bird sized bugs off the front of the coach.

here Stay tuned…..

6 thoughts on “Arriving in the Badlands”

  1. follow Wow! Thanks for the pictures. I look forward to more Badlands pictures. Hope to get up that way next summer! My husband is good for that amount of mileage also. I’m not sure I can help pull our trailer with our diesel truck. But we don’t have to hurry!!

    1. click here I’ll try to get a few more pictures of the Badlands up in a day or so, Judith. It is really interesting terrain and beautiful in its own way. We are enjoying it, although temps have been in the upper 80’s which is a little hot. It’s supposed to cool down over Labor Day. We will be in the Black Hills of South Dakota then.

      dove comprare viagra generico 25 mg a Torino There should be no real reason to hurry so I wouldn’t worry about driving the diesel truck.


  2. Following your trip as we hope to take our fifth wheel through that part of the country in two years (yeah retirement!). We live in Oregon and have traveled the West Coast but never ventured out that way. Keep up the posts — especially the campground information! Thank you! Sheryl

    1. Sheryl,
      Thanks for checking out the blog. Believe me you will enjoy it. We couldn’t be happier traveling in our RV. There is so much to see and do in this country and so little time – it seems. This is as far West as we have gone in the RV so we need to get to the west coast. It will probably be a couple of years before that happens.

      I’ll try to keep the information coming.


  3. I’m Enjoying your blog and beautiful pictures. My husband and I are going to buy an RV next year and do the full time living. It was good to read that you would sell your house and have less problems, we also live in FL and have decided to sell our home, but it will be sad in a way. It’s exciting to prepare for our retirement adventure. I’ll be interested in following you and all the advice you give will be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

    1. Thanks for following our adventures. We are certainly still on the path to full time RV’ing but seem to always have something slow us down a little bit. We did manage 7 out the last 12 months in the motor home. We had to come home early from a New Year’s trip as Liz hurt her back. We are trying to nurse ourselves back to good health so we can get the house ready for the market. It may take some time as her injury is serious.

      Please keep following us and I will keep trying to publish informative and insightful posts on RV living.

      Safe Travels

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